MFP Testimonials

Here is some of the feedback we have received from professionals who have been involved with the Mansion at Focus Point:

“As my visit [to the MFP group homes] progressed, I became increasingly impressed with the programs for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the team of highly qualified and committed individuals who work with the juveniles. . . . It is obvious the professionals are providing a wonderful program and fulfilling an ever-present need to for care of emotionally disturbed adolescents in our community.”
~ Pamela L. North, Chief Judge of the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court

"Koba Institute's management and administration of the Mansion at Focus Point . . . has been exemplary. This organization has been a pioneer in the development of the Individual Success Plan that emphasizes the development of vision, and a set of life goals by each child that is served. The benefits that accrue to the County and the State's children in need of these services, and to the Juvenile Justice System are enormous."
~ Gerald Stansbury, President, Maryland State Conference, NAACP


 “[At the MFP group homes] I've observed that childcare workers receive substantial initial training and support from the program leadership. I am particularly impressed by the emphasis the staff places on trying to identify what a child needs—as a strategy to responding to inappropriate behavior—rather than the more punitive approaches used in many other programs.”
~ Parviz Sahandy, M.D., Treating Psychiatrist at MFP

“Based on our experience with your group home, Caroline County boys [who are] deemed treatment resistant have benefited as never before from the family-like group care, the strong therapeutic milieu, the campus based school, and our shared commitment around family reunification.”
~ Anlee D. Olson-Reid, Former Administrator of the Caroline County Human Services Council