Who We Are

The Koba Institute, Inc., based in Silver Spring, Maryland, provides residential and therapeutic services for some of the Washington metropolitan area’s most at-risk children. We specialize in helping them achieve goals beyond what they had imagined for themselves. They come to us with emotional and behavioral problems, lacking traditional home supports. Through the linked services of our acclaimed educational programs and group homes, we give children the skills and the emotional support they need, either to be re-integrated with their families or to support themselves as fully functional, contributing members of society.

We employ a full roster of qualified and dedicated individuals -- from social workers, to psychologists, to youth counselors, to highly skilled teachers -- who give our children the foundation that they need for success.


Our program has helped countless youths achieve goals they would never have thought possible -- whether simply graduating from high school, joining the workforce, or continuing their education at a community college.

We continue to establish public and private partnerships with local governments to work with some of their most resistant students. Our defining mission is to offer these boys and girls invaluable opportunities for personal and academic success, preparing them for the demands and challenges presented in adulthood. To find out more about our services, please explore the links above.


Our History

Koba Institute, Inc. was founded in 1969 to respond to the research and development needs of local, state, federal, and international agencies and organizations. Starting with fewer than a dozen employees, Koba evolved into a mid-sized professional and technical services firm operating throughout the United States and overseas.

During the 1980s, Koba moved from its specialization in human services and management research to applying the results of its research. During this period, Koba’s work involved providing health and education services both nationally and to the residents of the Baltimore/Washington communities.



These services included drug abuse prevention, treatment, and research; maternal and child health care; AIDS research and prevention; and child and family services. These services included drug abuse prevention, treatment, and research; maternal and child health care; AIDS research and prevention; and child and family services.

At the end of 1990s, Koba shifted away from substance abuse treatment and AIDS-related research and services in order to expand upon its residential and educational programs -- the current focus of our operations. Throughout its phases of growth, Koba has never forgotten its central principle: helping those most in need to achieve personal and professional success.


Human Services Capabilities


At Koba, our current scope of operations focuses on providing educational assistance, mental health treatment, and residential group homes for at-risk adolescents.

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Technical Services Capabilities


Throughout its history, Koba has been dedicated to helping those in need succeed. Our current focus is on providing specific services to adolescents and the community. Read more about some of our other capabilities, as seen through projects we have successfully completed in the past.

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As an employee of Koba Institute, you will join a vibrant, energetic staff committed to making a difference in the lives of disturbed children. Here, your talents and skills will be utilized so that you can reach your fullest potential in a challenging, rewarding work environment.

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